COVID-19 Notice

To Our Treasured Existing and New Patients: COVID-19 Office Safety Protocols

These have been difficult and challenging times for all of us. The COVID-19 virus has affected all of our lives and even though we have passed the critical stage, things still cannot yet be considered “normal.” We know that for many, there is a lingering level of anxiety and fear about contracting the coronavirus (CV), and that you will still want to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

We want you to know that we are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of exposure to the coronavirus at our office. We know how essential dental treatment is to overall health and we don’t want anything to get in the way of your getting necessary treatment. Although we have always maintained the highest standards of infection control and maintained a sterile environment, we are taking the following steps to further protect our patients and staff.

  • ​We have conducted a deep clean of the physical office and a comprehensive reorganization of the office workflow. All unnecessary and difficult-to-clean items have been removed.
  • We have been closely monitoring infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the California Dental Association, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), so we are fully up to date on any new rulings or guidance which have been issued.
  • We have installed additional safety precautions and equipment. Our new high-speed suction equipment and other vacuum systems capture and filter saliva, droplets, and particles resulting from dental procedures, and thereby reduce the aerosol significantly.
  • We have enhanced our sterilization protocol and installed HEPA air filtration devices in all the rooms.
  • We are working aggressively to acquire the necessary additional personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to resume full operations.
  • We are diligently tracking those of you who had scheduled appointments which have been cancelled due to the shutdown and will be reaching out to you as soon as we are able to schedule new appointments.
  • We will not schedule a patient who exhibits any signs of CV, flu, or a cold, and no staff member will come to work if they exhibit any of these symptoms.
  • We will ask you to please stay in your car, and call the office when you arrive in the parking lot; then we will tell you if you can come in directly or we need to call you in a few minutes when we are ready for you. We are trying to eliminate a line at the front desk and the need for anyone to sit in the waiting room.
  • ​We ask you to please wear your face mask into the office and keep it on until you are seated in the operatory.
  • Upon entering the office, you will be provided with a hand sanitizer.
  • Kelli will take your temperature (forehead thermometer) and then guide you to your room.
  • The dentist and all staff will wear protective masks at all times.
  • The staff will sterilize all surfaces touched by patients or staff after each patient leaves.
  • The dentist and staff members will sanitize their hands and put on a new set of protective wear before seeing each patient.

Please know that coming to our office is now safer than ever before and you have no reason to put off dental treatment that is so important to your overall health and your immune system. I am currently preparing the office by installing the new equipment needed for your increased safety.

Due to shipping delays, much of the equipment is still on the way. I am hoping for it all to be delivered and installed by the end of May. Our office will re-open as soon as it is ready, and the State of California lifts the shelter-in-place restriction.

We are expecting that will be either the end of May or the beginning of June.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about your ongoing dental care in our office.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time by telephone. We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming you back. Hoping you are strong and healthy.

We will get through this together.

Sincerely ,
Patricia Webb, Kelli, Jenny, Jenna, and MaryKay

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